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About us

We produce stylish wooden hand made furniture since 1992

UNIS-N, spol. s r.o. is engaged in the manufacture and production of original stylish furniture made of solid pine and spruce woods. We produce cosy furniture for  your home , giving a warm rural character and unique style. In our collection you can find wooden cabinets, corner cabinets, display cabinets, TV cabinets, chests of drawers, wardrobes, bookcases, beds, dressers, coffee tables, classic desks, dining tables and wooden chairs, all made from 100% solid wood.  Available in natural or one of our 14 other color finnishes.

We place emphasis on quality, hand made furniture.

Where possible our craftsman use minimal machinary prefering  a hands on approach. Our carpenters are emotional about their work and proud of the loving care and perspiration put into each and every piece of furniture they produce. However we fully understand  and utilize modern equipment but only when we are sure it will benefit the final result and not compromise the quality of the finnished furntiture.

Furniture UNIS-N is a natural and ecological

Production of each piece of furniture is finished by waxing special natural wax(OsmoColor), which is made with natural vegetable oils and waxes. The Oils and waxes soak deep into the wood and keep it healthy, elastic and do not let the wood dry out. The surface is highly resistant to water and beverages spillage (wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk). It is organic, silky gloss, pleasant to the touch and safe for humans, animals and plants (also for children´s toys).